I have visited Dr. Julia’s Clinic on two previous occasions of one weeks duration and am happily looking forwards to my next de-tox programme.

Each time the programme has reinforced my will to eat better and to love my body more

The benefits in terms of re-kindled self esteem and vigor for life cannot be fully expressed but simply may I say that at the age of 50 plus Dr Julia ‘turned the light on” for me and given me a healthier format to live by.

Although I admit that I frequently fail to resist poor eating habits my will to improve gets stronger by the day, and daily I think that my body and my mind says “Thank you Dr. Julia!”

~Frank Crocker

The retreat was one of the best things I could do for me. Not only improvements and in my health condition combined with a lighter feeling of body and mind, but also the wealth of knowledge and the incredibly caring attention of Julia are the factors that want me to come back again and make such a retreat a routine.”

~Christine Buechel

The weeks after the completion of the cleanse one feels sort of like walking on air, not only is body light so is the mind, I got the sensation of this youthful energy again, this almost reckless feeling I had when was 18-20 to go out and live; I just had a complete physical check, also a colon check, the Dr wondered when the fluid went up inside my body that my colon was so immaculate clean; I do it again time permitting, anytime, its like treating yourself to something extraordinary, and life elixir, a life’ line to your youthful past

~Cheers Marcel

After the treatment my digestive system is so revitalized that drinking just a glass of fresh orange juice gives my system instant vitality.”

Apart from the treatment, the daily massages and Tai Chi exercises, the most valuable thing is having ample time with Julia who can competently answer any question about the body and its digestive system, as well as how to balance your diet and life in general.

A testimonial from my wife, Dr. Soiptech Resanond: “When my husband came back from the program he was shining.”

~Philip A. Baechtold

What we definitely have changed since we have been to your program is that we are a lot more conscious about what we eat, especially my husband knows now a lot more than he did before what is healthy and what is not. We eat healthier and feel a lot better. My skin has cleared up and looks fresher.”

~Mireille Dijkstra

My immunity system has radically improved

My body is more flexible

My digestion is better

Most allergies have disappeared

~Bogerd Marc

Before starting the rejuvenation program my health was very run down. I had been taking antibiotics for colds/infections & medicine for stomach problems over a period of two years while working in Thailand. On top of that I had neck & back problems from a car accident 5 years ago in the UK. The chiropractor who I was seeing suggested that I try the rejuvenation program.

During the second week of the program I started to pass out a lot of mucoid plaque and at the same time the pain in my neck & back disappeared. Also my mind became very clear and after the cleanse my energy levels increased. The rejuvenation program really helped to clean out a lot of the toxins/parasites from my system which allowed me to return to a good state of health.


Your program has helped me become more aware of my digestive system’s health, especially how to deal with stomach problems which was rather frequent for me. The weight loss has increased my ability in sports. My reflexes are also much better.

~Varah Sucharitakul

The cleansing program – which I have done once a year for three years now – has been a critical step in putting me on a path to far better health. By itself an important opportunity for the body to recover from the stresses of daily life, the program has also provided me with lasting benefits in terms of better habits and particularly awareness of inner health.”

~James von Moltke

The three weeks invested in the rejuvenation program I feel overall and I am better aware of the body functions Since then, my wife and I drink Psyllium shakes daily to ensure regular and easy digestive elimination.


This February I attended an eight day rejuvenation program in a pleasant center north of Chiang Mai under the management by Mrs. Julia Jus.

A decision which I believe has pulled me back from the abyss and given me back joy of life. during those 8 days my weight went down from about 97 kg to 90, muscles became soft and subtle again, energy level as well as blood circulation improved.

I was never hungry, did not feel tired on the 3rd day as is normally expected. in fact feel great, sleep well and in the meantime my weight has gone down another 1-2 kilos! I feel greatly indebted to Julia for having enabled me to improve my health by sounder eating habits. It is never too late to learn. I intend to return to her course every two years.

~Pierre Weber, 1932

After the 7 day rejuvenation program not only did I feel physically better but also more alert. Friends commented that the weight loss also made me look younger. One aspect both I and the other members of the group really appreciated throughout the program, was that we were able to question every aspect of the treatment and the subsequent debates helped us understand and convince us of the benefits of the program. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life”.


The personalized program Julia presented to me was perfect for my needs; in fact, in addition to all the wonderful benefits of the detox itself, the knowledge I gained will be a part of my life and lifestyle for all my days. This is not simply a business for Julia by any means, but a labor of love and her raison d’etre. You will not find a more committed and caring professional in the health field anywhere! Shine on, Julia!!!

~Jett Perry