Therapeutic Fasting and Colonics Retreat

Therapeutic Fasting and Colonics RetreatFasting ranks among the world’s most ancient and effective health therapies, both as a cure for specific ailments and a general preventive against disease and degeneration of the organism. When sick, animals instinctively abstain from eating, and it has been clinically proven that all organisms, from insects to mammals, live significantly longer lives and manifest significantly higher energy levels when deprived of food from time to time.

Fasting used to be a common therapy during the early stages of human civilization. Jesus fasted frequently to purify his body, and Pythagoras required his students to fast for 40 days prior of receiving his higher teachings. Even today, primitive tribes in Africa, Asia, and South America still maintain "sick houses" on the outskirts of their villages, where ill people are put to rest and fast until they purge their bodies of the toxins responsible for their ailments. But modern civilization, with its blind faith in chemical drugs, surgery, and technology, has all but forgotten this marvelous ancient health regimen.

Today, however, fasting is once again being recognized as an incomparably powerful tool for maintaining health, promoting vitality, and extending lifespan, especially among enlightened health therapists. There are now therapeutic fasting centers in Europe, Russia, and North America, and people are flocking to them in droves for relief for every ailment known to man, including arthritis and rheumatism, chronic constipation and other digestive ailments, weakness, lethargy, and cancer. Ironically, however, there are few, if any fasting centers in the Far East, even though fasting was once well known to Oriental therapists.

There is no substitute for fasting. Its marvelous healing mechanism can only work when the organism ceases ingesting, digesting, and metabolizing solid food. After about 36 hours without food intake, the body automatically switches over from digestive mode to the detoxification mode a condition which most people have never experienced in their entire lives. At this point, the millions of active enzymes normally secreted into the stomach for digestion of food are converted instead into "scavenger enzymes" which enter the bloodstream and circulate far and wide throughout the body in "search and destroy" mission against microbes, parasites, toxins, and potentially cancerous damaged cells.

Holistic Health and Raw Foods Living The enzymes break down and "digest" these foreign invaders and damaged cells and dump them into the bloodstream for excretion through the colon, kidneys, skin, and lungs. The tired, weak, listless feelings experienced during the first three or four days of the therapeutic fast are due entirely to the presence of all these toxins and other waste matter in the bloodstream as they are waiting to be excreted, not to the lack of food. The human body may be deprived of food for 40 days before it starts devouring its own tissues, so there is no danger in fasting for 7 days, only discomfort.

A therapeutic fast must last a minimum of 7 days to be fully effective. It takes precisely 7 days of fasting to completely detoxify the entire bloodstream. If daily colonic irrigations are include in the program, the colon is also thoroughly purged of the dried toxic mucus and hardened waste matter that gets so deeply impacted in the folds of the colon and chronically pollutes the bloodstream.

What to expect during a 7 days fasting program

The night before the fast begins: It’s best to skip dinner the night before beginning a fast, or eat only a light meal of fruits or salad. Before bed, take 2-3 herbal laxatives to purge the bowels of residual faeces the next morning.

  • DAY 1
    Upon arising, take your first dose of psyllium-seed-husk powder with 10-12 oz. of water, plus 1-2 tbsp. liquid Bentonite detoxifier, either together or separately, then another glass of water. 1.1/2 hours later take your first dose of nutritional supplements, wheat grass juice and vegetable juice. 1.1/2 hours later, take second dose of psyllium / Bentonite mix, then 1.1/2 hours later take second dose of nutritional supplements, etc. Take 4-5 doses of each combination, 1.1/2 hours apart, throughout the day. If using a colonic irrigation system (Innergetic Board), take first 5 gallons of warm water with coffee through the colon in the morning and another one in the evening.

    This first day is easy, no discomfort. The cleanser powder keeps the entire digestive tract "full" and the nutrients keep the blood well nourished with basic requirements.

  • DAY 2
    Same basic program of cleansers, nutrients, and colonic irrigations. By midday, you will start to feel quite weak, tired, listless. This is NOT due to hunger or starvation! This is due to the fact that after about 36 hours of not eating any solid food, the body switches over to the mode. Enzymes enter the blood and roam about the entire body, extracting toxins from joints, lymph nodes, internal organs, fat, and other tissues. These toxins are dumped into the bloodstream for excretion through kidneys, skin, and lungs.

    However, the toxins come out so fast that the blood can not excrete them fast enough, therefore they circulate throughout the body in the bloodstream, including the brain. It is these toxins coming out of the tissues and carried in the bloodstream that cause discomfort. The worse you feel, the better the program is working for you, because it means that your body is full of toxins and that these toxins are indeed coming out of the tissues where they have been stored for years and into the bloodstream for excretion.

  • DAY 3
    Today you will fell worse than day 2. Continue the program outlined above. If you feel very bad, take extra Bentonite liquid, because this substance neutralizes toxins in the blood until they can be excreted.

  • DAY 4
    For many people, this is the most difficult day, especially if your are very toxic. Your body and your breath will stink as the toxins are pushed out through the skin and lungs, to assist the kidneys and colons in their job of elimination. DON’T GIVE UP NOW ! This is the halfway mark, and if you make it through this day, you easily finish the whole program.

  • DAY 5
    Most people begin to recover their energy on this day. By this time most of the heavy toxins have been eliminated. This frees the blood to start building up the tissues again and replace damaged cells and tissues. Your body will feel very light and supple, and your mind will be incredibly clear. You will notice you dream very clearly and intensely during these days, like going to the movies! This is because the brain is now almost detoxified and therefore it works more efficiently and clearly.

  • DAY 6
    Energy builds very rapidly now, as the body is almost completely detoxified and the bloodstream purified. You will not feel hungry at all by this time. If you wish, you may go to work or perform normal errands such as going to the market, etc. Also, on days 5, 6 & 7, if you are using the Colonic Board, you will notice that you remove the most quantity of foul wastes from your colon on these days. That’s because you have already removed the first several layers of sticky, rubbery waste from the colon on the first four days, and now you are getting down to the real "nitty-gritty" stuff that has been deeply impacted into the folds of the colon for many years. Even though you have eaten nothing for 4 consecutive days, you begin to eliminate huge quantities of toxic waste, dried mucus, and other accumulated debris from the colon. Even if you do not use a colonic irrigation system, you will eliminate the most waste from the colon AFTER the fourth days, which is why only a complete 7 days fast suffices to really clean out the colon.

  • DAY 7
    You will feel better than you can ever remember on this day. It takes exactly 7 days to completely purify the bloodstream and lymph glands, so by this day your body is completely rejuvenated. You will feel as though you could easily fast for another week or two. After your last Innergetic Board meeting you will be served a bowl of papaya and you will take 2 probiotic supplements.


  • DAY 8
    It is extremely important to break a fast correctly. Never take cooked food of any kind as your first meal. The best food to eat in the morning is a bowl of fruit consisting of mostly papaya. Take two probiotic supplements afterwards. 1 ½ hour later take a psyllium shake.
    You may drink vegetable and fruit juices freely all day. Remember the law of food combining.
    Lunchtime is a vegetable salad with lemon and olive oil followed with two probiotics.
    Dinner is vegetable broth and a salad followed by two probiotics.
    Take two probiotics before bed.

    This first day is easy, no discomfort. The cleanser powder keeps the entire digestive tract "full" and the nutrients keep the blood well nourished with basic requirements.

  • DAY 9
    Start out the day the same as day 8. Remember to take two probiotics after each meal and two before bedtime. Drink at least 1 psyllium shake during the day.
  • DAY 10
    Follow the same as day 8 but you may add steamed vegetables to your evening meal. Take 1 probiotic before bed every night until your bottle is empty.
    Try to maintain a 80% raw food diet.

  • DAY 11
    You may now return to your normal diet, but be careful about what you eat. No candy, cola, white starch, or other "junk" food. Do not mix starch as bread and rice together with protein such as meat and seafood. If you eat carbohydrates like bread, rice, and noodles, avoid meat and fish. If you eat meat and fish, do not mix with rice, noodles, and bread. This will prevent putrefaction and fermentation of food in the digestive tract, which causes accumulation of toxic waste. Try to eat at least one meal per day entirely of raw food, such as vegetable salad or fruit (but not both at the same meal). Continue to take one dose of psyllium powder per day for at least one weeks. It will keep the digestive tract clean and keep everything moving. In fact, it’s a good idea to continue taking psyllium powder once a day, or once every 2-3 days, permanently.

The retreat is led by Julia Jus, Wholistic Health Consultant, Homeopath, Colon Hydrotherapist and Healing Tao instructor. Julia will supervise the colonic treatment and nutritional supplements as well as lead daily Chi-Kung, Pilates on the Ball and Taoist meditation.

Julia, a Raw Food Chef will also teach a Kitchen Gardening class.

Learn to make fermented foods, including Rejuvelac, Coconut Yogurt, Green Leafy Sprouts, Wheatgrass and Sunflower Greens, Green Drinks, Sprout Salad with Tomato Basil Dressing, Herbed Almond Cheese Spread, Sauerkraut, and Energy Soup.



Autointoxication Checklist

If you experience any of the following symptoms, you may be experiencing autointoxication (a process whereby you are poisoned by substances produced by your own body as a result of inadequate digestion and elimination), and therefore you might want to consider some type of internal cleansing program.

  • allergy or intolerance to certain foods
  • bad breath and foul-smelling gas and stools
  • constipation, diarrhoea, sluggish elimination, irregular bowel movements
  • frequent congestion, colds, viruses
  • flatulence or gas and frequent intestinal disorders
  • frequent headaches for no apparent reason
  • general aches and pains that migrate from one place to another
  • intolerance to fatty foods
  • low energy; loss of vitality for no apparent reason
  • lower back pain
  • lowered resistance to infections
  • needing to sleep a long time
  • pain in your liver or gall bladder
  • pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), breast soreness, vaginal infections
  • skin problems, rashes, boils, pimples, acne