The program includes

Daily Chi Kung or Pilates on the Ball, Taoist meditation designed for internal organ harmony, 2 hours daily colon cleansing, and de-tox baths or far infra red sauna, 2 hrs daily massage, supplements, and nutritional and life style counseling. Included in your retreat cost you will be given a Rejuvenation Manual, a cleansing book and a Dry Skin Massage Brush.

Join our 7-day Rejuvenation Retreat and stay for classes in Raw Food Cuisine. It is highly recommended to stay on after the Rejuvenation Retreat so that your transition back to eating again goes properly. You will be fed 3 meals and will also be able to taste in the class. When you leave we pack meals.

” We wash all produce in Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water with apple cider vinegar and after rinsing the produce is then ozonated in clean RO water.”

” We give great attention to obtain as much organic as possible. All water used, drinkable and for colon irrigation is RO water.”

** Julia Jus is a certified colon hydrotherapist instructor from The International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (IACT). It is important when embarking on a Rejuveantion program that there is a certified colon hydrotherapist and a knowledgeable person to oversee the detoxification proccess.

Julia has worked as a colon hydrotherapist and Rejuvenation Expert for 30 years.

All our kitchen and laundry detergents are organic and bio-degradable.

A kitchen gardening class will also be taught.

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